Miley Cyrus Reveals Viral Photo with Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato Hinted at Her Bisexuality.

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.

« If you couldn’t figure out I was bisexual from that iconic pic, you’re missing something », Miley quipped in her latest TikTok series.

Miley Cyrus is diving deep into nostalgia, shedding light on a 2009 group snapshot that took the internet by storm.

In her recent TikTok clip, Miley reminisces about a candid shot featuring herself, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Emily Osment casually strolling down a street. While Miley sports a laid-back look with a tee, sweater, and cargo pants, her friends flaunt glamorous red-carpet-ready outfits.

« That photo turned into a meme, suggesting ‘Be the Miley in your squad,' » the 30-year-old singer shared, echoing the caption on her post.

Miley humorously pointed out her position amidst stunning women in the memorable photo, stating, « If you couldn’t figure out I was bisexual from that iconic pic, you’re missing something. I mean, come on! Just look! »

Back in 2016, Miley publicly identified as pansexual during a chat with Variety. She shared, « Once I grasped my gender, which wasn’t defined, my sexuality became clearer. That’s when I realized I wasn’t strictly straight or gay. »

Miley playfully speculated that the group might have been en route to The Cheesecake Factory post-Grammys when the photo was clicked. However, it seems the image was captured post the « Hannah Montana: The Movie » premiere, given the identical outfits Swift, Lovato, and Osment wore at the event.

This TikTok is a segment of Miley’s new series, « Used to be Young, » named after a track from her « Endless Summer Vacation » album.

In the series, Miley also discussed another buzzworthy 2008 photo where she appeared almost bare, draped in just a blanket for Vanity Fair’s cover. The then 15-year-old’s bold move stirred quite a debate. Elaborating on the shoot, Miley mentioned her younger sibling, Noah Cyrus’s involvement, saying, « Noah was right there with (photographer) Annie (Leibovitz), even clicking some shots. Our entire family was present. »

Miley also delved into her makeup choices for the shoot, revealing, « That shoot marked my first tryst with red lipstick. Pati Dubroff, my makeup artist, believed it would set me apart from my on-screen persona, Hannah Montana. »